transmission slips


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transmission slips

I Have A Craftsman Lawn Tractor 18 Hp 42in Deck. I Am Not A Mechanic. It Is An Automatic. It Is Only Six Months Old. The Transmission Is Slipping. I Can Be Going Forward And It Slips. I Can Put It In Reverse And It Will Drive A Little Longer. I Keep Going Through This Process. Forward And Reverse And It Is Making Some Kind Of Slipping Noise. Hope You Can Refer Me To A Corrective Action.
I Have Quit Driving The Machine. I Fear I May Be Doing More Damage.

Thank You
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I don't know whether you have a hydrostatic xmission or not. Not accomplished in this area, but from my limited experience with My 42" wide body Murray which is six years old and has been trouble free, I have noted the following simple problems that will give some of your syymtoms.
! Oil level low. Does not usually drop unless there is an axle seal leaking. Look for fresh oil around where the axles enter the tranny case.
2 If I set my park brake, and then release it, most osf the time if I don't either push down on the brake and also on the brake knob, it will not fully engage and growl and moan.
3 I got a stick up under mine one stime that jammed the linkage and when I used the brake, I would have to reach down and pull the pedal all the way back. Of couse upon inspection I found the stick, removed same and all is well.
4 Outside possibility. The belt tension idler bearing is shot or the tension spring is broken or off. Slippage of the belt would definitely stall the xmission.
5 The noise that you hear could also be low oil level and a cavitating pump or a by passing press releif valve.
Tell if any of this reveals a clue or will narrow down our search.
The guys on this forum are anxious to help.
Come on Ken, give us a hand here. Tom
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First off, I'd say if it's only 6 months old, get it warranteed. The slippage in fwd, but longer run time in reverse is indication that the tranny may have internal problems. These hydro trannies are generally very dependable, but it sounds like you may have one with a defect, or low oil level at the least.
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The warranty route is highly advisable. Have you contacted Sears yet, Ammo?

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