20HP Briggs hard to turn over


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20HP Briggs hard to turn over

Hi and thanks for having me, I have a question that is probably quite simple but I'm just not sure

My brothers said his lawnmower wouldn't turn over so we started having a look. I thought it was locked up at first but was able to turn it over with a socket on the crank, it still wouldn't turn over well though so I took the spark plugs out and touched my truck positive directly to starter. It started to turn over slowly and then faster and faster, but it still is slow for the plugs being out I believe. it is also quite hard to turn it by hand with the plugs out....I checked the oil and it was barely touching the dipstick and he said that the last time he parked it, it seemed fine. Could there be internal engine damage due to the lack of oil?

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Hello Trink2030! Welcome to diy.

Unfortunately, it sounds like you may have internal engine damage. Unless the engine has leaked oil all over since it was parked, then it was run with the oil level low. It sounds like you're getting it broken loose by turning it with a socket and pull handle, but chances are the damage is done.
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thanks for the reply, I would have to agree. I'm going to take it to a small engine repair guy today just to make sure, it's going to be costly to replace that motor. I'll let everyone know how this turns out, so "searchers" will know

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