Need a short block for a B&S engine


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Need a short block for a B&S engine

Does anyone know where I might find a short block for a M - 80232, T - 0766-01, C - 80081806. I have called the factory and was told that they are no longer in production. They have a complete engine but no short block. Also, what is involved in changing from points/condenser to CDI ignition coil? This engine is off of a trash pump.
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Hello Jack,I can't help you with the short block but as far as changing an engine over from points to eletronic ignition,all that's iovoled is pluging the plunger hole where motor oil wont excape.

You can ether leave the points in,and cut the wire Or if you can get your hands on an old magotron ignition module that slides on the side of the coil,they come with a plug that drives into the plunger hole to plug it off.
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True, there is no shortblock available and the replacement engine calls for a model 93332 with a type number 0035 which is a standard "Cool Bore" 3 1/2 horse engine and has a suggested list price of around $310. On the other hand, you can buy a 3 1/2 horse I/C engine for the same price and is model 94032, type 0035. Or you could upgrade even further to a 4 horse Briggs Vanguard model 86432, type 0135 for another hundred bucks. Or, you could buy a 6 1/2 horse Briggs Intek for around $230 which is one of Briggs "fast moving, popular" engines. On a trash pump application, I'd opt for the Vanguard. And just to better clarify repair_guy's post you will also need a new, solid state ignition coil (along with the plugging of the plunger hole trick that he mentioned). Also, you could repair the original engine with individual parts since a shortblock is not available, but this would likely be cost prohibitive whereas a new engine would be the best option.

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