snowblower whine under load


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snowblower whine under load

I just bought a used toro CCR 2500 snowblower (from 1998, though the snowblower looks brand new). It ran a little rough at first, but after filling it with a fresh gas mix, it seems acceptable.

The problem is that when I was snowblowing this evening (very heavy wet snow with some ice mixed in), every once in a while it would make a whining noise similar to an alternator/AC belt in a car. If I backed it off, it would immediately stop whining. The previous owner had it since it was new, and only used it twice, so I'm thinking the belt may just be brittle.

I'm curious if it may just need a new drive belt or if there are any other suggestions as to what may need to be fixed/checked. Also, if anyone has any suggestions for what to check or replace on a 9 year old unit, that would be wonderful.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Being from the south, I don't know much about snowblowers, but it sounds to me like you're on the right track. I'd look at the belt and see if it looks glazed, cracked, or a little bit loose when it's engaged. There is probably an adjustment for the belt tension...maybe a screw or nut that changes the tension on a tensioner spring?
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Also check the condition of the idler pulley brg(the pulley that tightens belt to engage the blower).The idler linkage also might just need adjusting to pull the belt tighter.
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I'm not familiar with your Toro but my MTD requires adjusting the cable that controls the auger from time to time....when too much slack in the cable the belt/drum will whine on mine.

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