Karcher g2000 qt problem


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Karcher g2000 qt problem

I have replaced the spark plug and that help a lot. Last night after about 2 hours of use the motor would sound like it was going to die and then run great then just about die then run great.

I have fresh gas, new spark plug, water pressure is holding.

I experimented by turning off the flow of water to the PW and after a couple of seconds it would start to really purr great.... As soon as I turned on the flow of water to the PW it would start to do its sputter and almost die routine. It also goes through a lot more gas when it does this.

One thing I am thinking was that I was getting ice build up in the hose since it is so small and the temp was around 10 degrees F. What else could I look for or possible adjust....


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Sounds like you got water or other debras in the fuel.Flush the tank and re-fill with fresh clean gas,blow out or replace inline fuel filter (if equiped).Take bowl off carb and clean.This should clear the problem up.

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I will give that a shot.

I also left the fuel I was using sit outside so it got significantly colder as well. It was just interesting that the longer it ran the worse it got. Would I be able to put some HEET into the my 5 gallon gas tank to help in case I got water in the system???
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I'm not so sure you have an engine problem. It sounds as though you have a pump issue and ideally you would like to isolate the engine from the pump - by removing the pump from the engine - and then run the engine at full throttle and see if you have any trouble. I'm going to guess that you are attempting to operate a dry-sump pump in weather that is too cold and you're accumulating frozen water in the pump and gradually closing off the passageways thereby creating restriction and an excessive load on the engine. I do, however, recommend using isopropyl alcohol in the engine's fuel system any time you use the machine in freezing temperatures. You may possibly have moisture in the fuel and iso will help.

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