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High detergent vs non-detergent

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01-19-07, 07:32 PM   #1  
High detergent vs non-detergent

What exactly is the difference between high detergent and non-detergent oil? Which type is recommended for small engines used in lawnmowers.

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01-19-07, 09:23 PM   #2  
High detergent vs non-detergent

Use the detergent oil, that is if it is a 4 cycle engine. 2 cycle oils have detergent additives also. Detergent oil help in a BIG way to keep engine clean on the inside mainly sludge form building up. Non-detergent oil are use in sealed units where as the oil can not be contaminated by out side contaminates.

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01-19-07, 10:41 PM   #3  
Detergent oils contain additives to help keep the engine clean (agents that help keep contaminants suspended in the oil and not clinging to internal parts). This is what I reccomend for use in any engine unless specifically advised against in the owner's manual. I don't know of any engine manufacturer that advises against it. Years ago, some engines required non-detergent oil, but I'm told that was because some of the additives in the oil back then couldn't take the heat of an air-cooled engine and broke down to form sludge. Oils have changed a lot since then though.

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01-20-07, 03:40 AM   #4  
Here's what I go by...somebody please correct me if I'm wrong

I Use high quality synthetic detergent oil classified SF, SG, SH, SJ or higher !
with ILSAC GF-2, API certification service symbol with SJ/CF notations

Use 5W-30, 10W-30 for temperatures below 20 to above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. No special additives are recommended

CHECK OIL MORE FREQUENTLY IF YOU use non-synthetic multi-viscosity oil in ambient temperatures above 40 degrees ! The engine will consume a greater than normal amount of oil.

SAE 30 Oil if used below 40 Degrees, will result in hard starting and possible engine damage due to inadequate lubrication

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