Atlas snowblower


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Atlas snowblower

My snowthrower runs ok and the drive wheels work ok but the snow reel slows to a stop when trying to throw snow. Is there an adustment on the centrifugal clutch to increase the friction? Could it be gummed up? It looks to me like the drive comes out of a oil bath gear box, then a pulley with belt and tensioner this drives the chain that drives the axle. On the same shaft after the pulley is what I would call a cenrifugal clutch with a brake over it. Pulling the operating handle releases the brake on the clutch. this frees the shaft which turns a chain and drives the snow reel.Works well until you place a load (snow) on it and it stops. Any ideas Clutch wore out? what do they cost?
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There is a possibility the shear bolt on the auger has let go.
With the motor off and you are able to spin the auger it will indicate this.
Don't be tempted to use an ordinary bolt because it would break the gear box if you hit something again.
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Snow thrower

Please post the model numbers so that we can try to look it up so we know what we are looking at

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Atlas hasn't been in business in 15-20 years and we don't see many of them anyhow. Of those i've seen though, I don't recall any of them having a centrifugal clutch driving the auger assembly. If yours, in fact, does have a clutch then I'd say the clutch drives both the wheel drive as well as the auger drive and since the wheel drive doesn't slip I'd say you have an issue within the gear box for the auger (reel, as you referred to it). Can you post back with some pics of the unit? Along with the ID numbers of both the chassis and engine.

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