Gas/oil mix in a snow blower


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Gas/oil mix in a snow blower

I just got my first snow blower and have a question-
For the mix, I take one gallon of gas and one little bottle of the oil and mix together. I add this to the blower- can I then top off the tank with regular gas by itself?
Thanks for the help!
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NO that is incorrect. 1st you need to be sure that you have a 2 cycle snowblower that requires an oil/gas mix. Your manual will tell you this. There is usually a sticker /label on or near gas tank showing proper gas to oil ratio, ie: 32:1 --40:1 --50:1, if it is a 2 cycle.

32:1 = 4 oz. 2 cycle oil to 1 gallon gas
40:1 = 3.2 oz 2 cycle oil yp 1 gal gas
50:1 = 2.5 oz. 2 cycle oil to 1 gal gas.

Start with empty gas tank, add oil then measure gas at pump to exactly 1 gallon (or more) just adjust oil if more than 1 gallon.

Use 89 octane or higher gas

You then will always top off with gas/oil mixture, NEVER add plain gas.

If you do not have a 2 cycle engine you NEVER mix oil and gas. Gas in tank, oil in engine.

If you bought this used it is critical that you drain tank and start with fresh fuel from the pump, 2 cycle or not.
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Thanks- it is a 2-cycle engine.
So just to clarify, I add the oil to a gas container, put in one gallon of gas, mix, then top off the container and finally add the mixture to the blower?
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Oil to gas container, add gas. Then fill blower. That's it.

I do not know what you mean by " top off container"
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You do not add addtional gas to the oil/gas mixture you create for your equipment either in the item itself or your gas can.
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The mix is seldom "one bottle of oil and one gallon of gas". You need to verify what the ratio is for YOUR engine. there are 128 oz in one US gallon. You need to calculate how many oz of oil divided by 128 equals the required ratio. Once mixed correctly, you can NOT later add just gas with out altering the ratio and possibly destroying your engine, or shortening its life.
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Easy way...

First find out what your mixture ratio is, it will most likely say right on the gas cap or for sure in the owners manual it will say something like 50:1 or 40:1, etc.
Once you know the ratio go buy a 1 gallon gas can and buy the little bottles that match the ration you have it will say right on the bottle. If you bought this new go to the store you got it from and they should sell the oil in little bottles.
Pour 1 bottle into the gas can, fill with 1 gallon of gas and you are good to go. When the gas can is empty repeat the process with another bottle of oil and another gallon of oil.
Don't top off the gas can with more gas or just put straight gas in the snow blower.
1 gallon of gas should last you a long time - I've used mine 8 times before having to buy another gallon of gas. Don't save the gas from year to year!

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