What is the best transmission?


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Question What is the best transmission?

Im looking for a older lawn tractor thats built good and was wondering what the best transmission is? I want one thats strong and wont tear up but has enough power. I have 2 white lawn tractors now with the cruise matic and I really dont like that. There is a JD 110 thats been in my family for probably 30 or more years and it has a rear drive which I like. Im not really familiar with a hydrostatic, Ive driven a few and like them but are they easy to tear up? And does a hydrostatic have as much power as a gear drive? Thanks alot

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Any tranny under a JD110 should be toguh, be it the hydro model or the standard. I'm not sure what you mean about which one has more power. The engine is the source of power. I prefer a well built hydro over a standard most of the time. I've got a pulling tractor (wheelhorse) with a standard that's tough as nails though. (weights in front, underside, on the wheels, wheelie bar, tractor lug tires).
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The ultimate robust tranny would be probably the old 1960's and early 1970's Cub Cadet manual tranny's in an older tractor. It's the same tranny used in the 2500 and 3000 series today without the creeper gear if I remember correctly. The tranny was originally used in the larger Cub Loboys from the 1940s to the end of production in the late 1970's? One of the best hydros ever made were the Sundstrand units used in the Deere 120, 140, 300, 312, 314, 316 Kohler tractors, and in some other manufacturers' tractors as well. The hydro does have more HP loss through the drive train than a gear tranny, but the convenience is really nice to never have to clutch to change speeds. The older Wheelhorse tractors had a very strong gear tranny with 2 ranges of gears. If your plan is to do mostly grass cutting, the hydro is nice, if you plan on a lot of tilling, pulling a moldboard plow, or cultivating tools, I'd lean towards the gear trannys out there. Is there a particular brand out there from the old days that has a good dealership near you? The Deere 110 you mentioned was one of the best in it's day. It had a bigger brother in the 112, and the 210, 212, 214, 216 models are basically newer versions of the same tractors and can use many of the same attachments the 110 has. A good condition Deere 200 series can usually be found for under $750 and most parts are still available. Similar prices for the Cubs and Wheelhorses of the same era.

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