Generator motor surging?

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Generator motor surging?

I am trying to help my friend. He has 2 generators both Techmsy motors. 1 8hp and 1 10hp they will both run but surge all the time. I have a good ability working on 2 cycle motors but limited practice on 4 cycle. I think it may have something to do with the governor but I really do not know how they work.

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter.
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JesseMichigan, Welcome to our forums!

Not a small engine pro but I have a Coleman generator with a 10 hp Tecumseh.
I find that nearly each time I use it I have to fine tune the mixture control on the carb to get it to run smoothly.
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Ive heard the same as gregh, I never had one of these engines but I had heard about problem with needing to adjust the carb alot.
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I suggest taking the bowl screw off and clean out all 4 holes in it.
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Surging is usually a sign the engine is starving for gas. Yes, it could be simple adjustments but not likely. Start at the fuel tank and work your way to the carb. Start with fresh gas from the pump, not the gas can. Be sure there is flow from the tank. I would suggest rebuild kits for the carbs but at the least a good cleaning and new inlet needle & seat. Adjust float properly- should be set at 11/64 between float and body when holding carb upside down. To clean properly you need cleaner and compressed air. As Cheese said main jet has very small holes that need to be cleaned well.
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Is this "surging" noted while the generator is under load...? (electrical appliance plugged in) Both gens act the same?
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Sorry for the delay
But the motor surges with or with out a load.
I will pull the carb and rebuild it agean using a complete kit.
Thanks for the float setting. 11/64th.

Thanks for all your help.
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(My) Standard procedure on my Tecumseh generator is each time its started and brought up to power & under load to fine-tune the main mixture (needle on bottom of carb bowel) to just towards the rich side to smooth it out.
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Is each carburetor fixed jetting or adjustable jetting? If you are unsure then post back with each engines' ID numbers. The key in carburetor servicing is to use a quality bath type cleaner to soak the carb in prior to using a spray carb/choke cleaner and then compressed air to blow out all the passageways and then rebuilding with the correct kit. Newer, emission compliant, fixed jet, Tecumseh carburetors are finicky and must be absolutely clean and free of any varnish or other blockage.

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