Snowblower just pushes it out the front.


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Snowblower just pushes it out the front.

I have a 10-year old MTD Yard Machine single stage 4.5HP/21" snowblower that won't expell snow through the ejector. It's a mdl. 31A-15-11B with s/n 1G247B20664 2-cycle fixed speed. I haven't used it in a year and I prepped it for a sale. I just recently replaced the worn out belt and put a new plug in it. It starts OK and smokes a little, but it's a 2-cyle. When I tried it out today on some dry snow (1") it clogged up right away and just pushed the snow forward. I would expect this with really heavy wet snow, but this was the dry stuff. I'm wondering if the rust in the chute would do this, worn out "paddles?" or some issue with the engine. Your advise is appreciated.


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Sounds as though it is pushing rather than pulling. Could it be that the belt that was replaced needs to be twisted to change the direction of rotation? Have a nice day. Geo
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Is the belt the correct size or is there a tensioner spring missing? When it is pushing the snow out front is the auger spinning or does the little bit of snow stop it? If the auger stops when it hits the snow I'd guess you have the wrong size belt or the a tensioner spring/pulley isn't doing what it is supposed to.

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