Briggs engine rotation


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Briggs engine rotation

what would I do without you guy's! allright,we're working on a brigg's
12 h.p I/C engine #281707 I bought this engine off ebay and was said to run
good,I tried to bench start it but it would spin and not even try to start,I did the usual,plug,fuel etc..all good,this morning I tried it again after charging the battery allnight and it hit right off,but I am only spraying gas into carb to see if it want to run,nothing too serious till I bolt it on mower,I tried it once more an it locked up,I knew it had to be the starter,so I pulled the small cover,and sure enough the pinion gear had cracked in half,and sheared a couple of the nylon teeth.I took my old one off my 8 h.p and it bolted right up but seemed to spin counterclockwise into bottoming out pinion and gear?
so for grins I reversed the leads (I had pos to starter connection,and just touching negative to bump starter) now I put negative to starter connection
and bumped positive lead to ground,started right up and ran/idled great!
so after all this rambling my question,should the engine rotation be clockwise
or counterclockwise? the last way I tried worked great,could the person I got it from installed the nylon gear upside down? any ideas? thank's
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The engine should turn clockwise. I think I'd go buy a $5 gear (Genuine aftermarket, or you'll have another broken one) and repair the starter. Sounds like the other one has issues. I've never seen a starter that turned the wrong way when the battery polarity was correct. I don't even see how it could be doing that unless the armature had been rewound incorrectly (not likely at all) or if the case was on upside down (also not a likely thing, since the case must be oriented properly to assemble the starter). Maybe someone removed the magnets and installed them upside down.
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there's no telling what they did on this "frankensnapper" lol ,thank's cheese

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