Stump Grinders


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Stump Grinders

I have a boat load of stumps I need removed. I am competent at running machinery, however, I have never run a stump grinder before. I am considering renting a large one (~1800 pounds) and was told by the rental place it should take about 20 30 minutes per stump (and they told me it is a piece of cake to operate). I am not sure of the make and model, all he told me was the weight and hydraulically controlled.

My questions, is the learning curve to operate such a piece of equipment pretty quick? Is his time estimate per stump high or low (I am looking at 10-24 stumps, up to 6 above ground to ground to at least 3 underground). I know it would depend on the grinder itself, but I am looking at ballpark.

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Sorry Dave, I have no idea. I've never used one. Keep checking in though, as someone here will probably reply with a little more helpful info.
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Sorry, the other mod can't help either but stay tuned.
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I orignally posted this over in the Landscaping area figuring few people actually owned a stump grinder, but those who landscaped may have used (rented or borrowed) one. I thought this forum was more for consumer owned power tools (the only owners of industrial stump grinders would most likely be the owner of a tree removal or landscaping business, or someone with a lot of money to spend that likes very expensive toys.

Thanks a bunch for the replies.
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Dave...I'm terribly sorry. I moved your thread to the Outdoor Power Equipment topic. I thought it would be best answered there. I apologize for that and will copy this thread in the Landscaping topic in hopes one will have a response for it.

Please accept my apology
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After watching several stumps being ground out of my yard, I can give a few tips..
Cut the stumps as close to the ground as you can..
They kept it hitched to the truck and backed it up so the grinder wheel was a foot or so from the stumps.. After starting it you feed the assembly out (using the hydraulic controls) toward the stump a little at a time, while also moving it side to side.. Take an inch or so off at a time..
When you get the feel for it, start digging deeper into the ground to get to the root mass.. Make sure you get as much of the large roots as you can.. If you need to, feed the grinder back in and back the truck up to get all of the stump..

Above all else, wear ear muffs, and a face shield..
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Don't know what they rent for. but they don't charge much to remove them. I had 12 stumps 18 to 30 inch some 3 ft above ground, and it was less that 150.00
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That is a great price

I am being quoted 225-300 per day for the big grinder. I have about 12 must removes, and about 12 nice to removes. If I could get them done for 150 per dozen, I would jump on it .
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I was charged $75 to remove two small stumps, 10"-14", about 6 years ago. You may want to get an estimate.
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One thing to keep in mind if you DIY is to protect your siding, windows, kids, pets, etc from flying debris....I stood several pieces of plywood in front of my sliding doors on the grinders recommendation.

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