Weedeater Blower Won't Start


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Weedeater Blower Won't Start

Model FL1500.

Has adequate spark and is getting gas enough to wet the plug.

Compression seems low: 35psi on first pull, 60psi by third pull. I think the psi should be better that 50psi on first pull, and over 100psi by third pull, based on my other blower. So, I think that it has a compression problem.

Tightened down carb intake screws at engine to ensure no air leakage, but didn't help.

Oil has been leaking from the crankcase bearing/seal: the entire housing around it was caked with oily dirty. Could it be leaking enough to loose enough compression so it won't crank? Keep in mind the unit has been working fine, but was getting harder and harder to start until it quit. Also, this unit is about 6 years old.

Unit has flywheel key built into the flywheel. The key is flush with the flywheel hub. Shouldn't it be protruding some?

I've pulled the head and inspected piston. Looks okay.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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I think you're right...the compression is low. With the leaking seal, bad compression, and whatever other wear and tear this has, I wouldn't repiar it. I'd replace it. It likely needs a piston ring, crank seal, and gaskets at the least, or could need a piston, jug, and crank seal and bearing as well.
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I agree you probably should just replace it, however, some of us(I being one of them) like to just make it work out of challenge rather than the necessity so I say fix the leaks and it will run fine. Have a nice day. Geo
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Before you junk it,take the muffler off and check the cylinder that bolts to the crankchaft,I had several blowers that the bolts come loose and cause a air leak,tighten bolts then check compression,should be at least 90# or above.Hope this helps.

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Cost for replacement parts for Weedeater FL1500: about $35.

Will replacement parts fix it? Unknown

Other consideration: Weedeater piston, rings, crankshaft, carb, etc. are over 5 years old, so even with the other new parts the blower still may not last very long.

Best low cost leaf blower per internet search: Toro Super Blower Vac 51591

Best price for Toro Super Blower Vac 51591 : $60 at Amazon

Disadvantage/Advantage of Toro: It's electric, so will have to use a power cord. But, on the other hand I won't have to pull and pull on a hard-to-start gas blower.

Ordered Toro.

Junked Weedeater.

Looking forward to just plugging it in and flipping the switch to get it going.

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