Jacobson Snowblower - reverse drive problem


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Post Jacobson Snowblower - reverse drive problem

This is an old late seventies vintage 8 hp workhorse . Lately when I shift into reverse trying to move up a slight incline the tires don't move unless I give the machine a backwards tug or disenage and re-engage the clutch via the handle. Is there am adjustment I can easily make to correct the problem?

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If I recall correctly, there should be a bracket that, when the shifter is in neutral, should grab ahold of the drive disc cage assembly and keep it from dropping onto the drive plate. My guess, if this is the case, is that the shifter needs adjusting for true neutral. With the shifter selector in neutral, the drive disc must be at the center of the drive plate for the bracket to grab on to the cage. Tell me, when the drive does engage in reverse, is it a good, solid pull (push) rearward with no slippage noticed?

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