How do I ID an old Tecumseh?


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Red face How do I ID an old Tecumseh?

My boy dragged home an old Yardman Snowbird. My son and I worked on it and got it running well, this past fall. The snow flew, the Snowbird didn't.....
It's leaking gas all over, and we wanted to rebuild and/or replace the carb. We can't ID the Tecumseh motor or carb. There was nothing stamped on the shroud, but we found an old painted over tag on the frame. I think it is for the equipment and not the engine. I'll list it here just in case. MODEL 31650 9 H258B 7HP/24. The carb has these numbers stamped on the top 577/8G6.
My question would be where else on the engine could we look for some identification. I think this would be a 70's vintage machine. Oh, I forgot to mention that it has an electric starter. The starter has an ID.
Starter 8200 Motor #33328A, #143-88901, for H&V 50, 60, 70. Any help is much appreciated.
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Have you tried this link:
seem's they even have a contest to find the oldest snowthrower...good luck
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The model # looks like MTD to me but I could not find any info in the .pdf archives for that number. Possibly because my search did not include a serial #. Here is the url for MTD archive if you would like to search further

The starter # I believe is Sears/Craftsman made by Tecumseh, and is available through sears...I recognize the starter type, the old square with 4 angled tabs for the mounting bolts, but I don't know the engine types by designation...
I found this .pdf on the tecumseh site for Tecumseh Snow King engines.
It shows examples of 4 different models that you may be able to recognize one similar to yours.

If you are only looking to repair or rebuild the carb, most any dealer should be able to look at it and supply you with the correct kit or parts. (I think kit only includes needle, seat and bowl gasket)
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Tec ID

Your carb is part number 631920 carb kit is 31840. The numbers on the carb are a manufacturing number and date code that any dealer can cross if they know how. You have an H70 engine but to look up other engine parts you will need to find the spec number it should be stamped into the blower / rewind housing near the sparkplug.

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Thumbs up Many Thanks !!

Thanks for the info, and great leads. I'll follow the advice, and let you know how I made out. Thanks again.
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If your motor has an electric start on it, the start button may be mounted on the top of the motor starter shroud thus covering the model number up. If this is the case, remove it and hopefully you'll be able to find the number just in case you need some other motor parts.


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