snapper drive plate adjustment


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snapper drive plate adjustment

yea it's me again lol,,,engine on frame.bearing problem solved,and now I need
some advice on adjusting the drive wheel to sync with the friction disc.I downloaded the service manual from snapper,but it's kind of confusing to me,
there talking feeler gauge tolerances of .05-.10 ! is this thing that scientific lol..I put the shifter in neutral an pulled the plate to where it just touched the disc,it would move but seemed to slip..I did'nt want to adjust anymore
without seeking wisdom.....what do I do cheese?
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Set the drive disk so that when you press the clutch, the driven disk is not contacting it, but when you release the clutch, the driven disk is pressed hard against it. You want the driven disk to hit the drive disk before all the travel is gone from the clutch pedal. Judging by your description of how it is set right now, I'd say if you lock the clutch pedal down, and move the drive disk down 1/4 the distance between the two, you should be close to acceptable.

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