Tecumseh Snowblower Engine Quest's. ?


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Tecumseh Snowblower Engine Quest's. ?


A few questions, please:

a. Have a relatively new Teumseh engined snowblower.
Model is 926 LE

Runs O.K., but does on occasion stall for no apparent reason.

When running "normally," there are one or two engine "popping" sounds about
every half minute or so, but the engine does keep running.

What is the likely meaning, or cause, of this ?
Any significance ?

b. I have a devil of a time trying to read the engine oil level from the
dipstick. Is there any good trick to do so ?

c. Was wondering about a gas cap vent hole on the gas tank screw filler cap on engine.

There must be one I imagine, but, boy, I've looked that cap over with a
magnifying lass and I'll be darned if I can find one.

There seems to be a molded tube inside the cap that just leads to the top,
but there doesn't seem to be any vent hole there.
What's this for ?

Is there a vent hole in these caps ?
Where ?

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If the machine is newer I would not worry about vent hole in gas gap, it will be vented.

If you are having a "devil" of a time reading dipstick your oil must be clean that is a good thing Not much advice on that.

The model # you posted is for the snowblower not the engine. Could you post all the numbers off the engine? Thanks

Stalling and popping could be moisture/water in fuel. I would begin by draining tank and carb and filling with fresh (from pump) not your gas can, fuel. Be sure to add stabilizer.

Run machine and see if problem goes away. If not replace spark plug. You could do both but then would not know which was culprit. If problem still exists we can troubleshoot further.
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FROM OP: Tecumseh Engine Number, As Requested


Thanks for help; appreciate it very much.

Snowblower Engine is:

Tecumseh HMSK 80-110

Thanks, and regards,

BTW: snowblower is only 1 yr old; used perhaps 4-6 times, max.
Likely that it needs a new plug with this minimal usage on it ?
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You should not need a new plug but don't hesitate to replace they are $3.

Follow my advice on the fuel, you can drain the tank by disconnecting the fuel line at the carb, be sure to have a bucket to catch fuel. Then remove nut on bottom of carb, again have bucket under. This will drain carb of fuel. This nut holds the bowl on, if you do not twist bowl it should remain on the carb. If it does come off be careful of small needle that hangs on float you do not want to lose this. The nut that you remove will have a couple of small holes in the threads. Clean them well. Use small wire, wire brush and compressed air if available. Reinstall and add new gas and my guess is you will probably start right up.

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