Craftsman Snowblower - Model 536.885201


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Craftsman Snowblower - Model 536.885201

I'm having diffaculty starting my Craftsman Snowblower - Model 536.885201. When I press the primer bulb it's not sucking the gas into the line. I've changed the spark plug and sprayed starter fluid into the plug hole and it will run for a few seconds. Also, I've sprayed it into the carb intake as well with the same results, it will only run for a few seconds. I've cleaned out the carb bowl and the gas flows nicely. I'm guessing that it's a gasket problem. Any other ideas?


Additional Info.
When I prime the bulb I can feel air coming from the top area above the bowl. I don't feel any air coming out around the seal of the bowl, it's up higher.

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You would not feel air coming out the bowl gasket.
You have a dirty fuel/carb issue
You need to
1) drain all fuel from tank
2) rebuild or clean carb, rebuild kit is part #632760
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Go to the Sears site here: and use this model # 143023800 (this is the model # of your engine) and you can view a diagram of your carb. Most likely the nozzle has some obstruction which may be able to clean up. The nozzle may be plastic so be careful about what chemicals you use. If the kit comes with a new nozzle that would be a good option since the bowl gasket should also be replaced.
You can check the fuel tank for debris and clean if needed, however I can't think of a good reason to jump up n waste ne gas without good cause...
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Thanks for all your help. Replaced the bowl gasket, washer gasket and the carb needle gasket. The parts were under $10 at a local small engine repair shop. I struggled and struggled with trying to understand the carburetor, jets and other terms that have been described in other threads. However once I took the carburetor off of the snow blower and I could turn it upside-down and get an all around look it's not that intimidating. There are only a few small holes that the gas and air flow through which I've surmised are called jets. A lot of times the difference between understanding and not boils down to vocabulary.

In the end I feel that I probably didn't need to go out and buy the replacement gaskets. I'll never know for sure but what I think really helped was once the carb was off (remove the two large bolts and reused the gasket) with the bowl and float removed. I could spray the snot out of it inside and out with some starting fluid then blow it clear with some compressed air. Also making sure that I got the bolt (called the main jet I believe) that holds on the bowl as well those little holes cleaned out. I was surprised when I had everything apart how clean and new looking everything looked (no gumminess or yellow tarnish), it just goes to show you new or not if there are foreign particle in the carb it doesn't make a difference. This particular snow blower is about 4 years old.

Final word don't be afraid to take the carb off it makes life a lot easier. You can cut your screwing around time from too many hours down to 30-60 min.

Any grease monkey's please correct me if I've provided any incorrect terminology.
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Glad you were able to dig into it and fixit
Terminology heheh well "grease monkey" is a term I feel usually reserved for Auto Mechanics, which terrifies me to no end :/
Most problems with carbs usually start with debris and most are designed with an easy to clean "trap" if you will.
I think the most common problem first timers have is with the linkage and springs on reassembly It does not seem that important during removal but making special note of it will save on pain reliever later.

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