snowblower not throwing


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snowblower not throwing

I have an a Toro model 3650 snowblower that is about 10 years old. I recently replaced the belt. My problem is that I think maybe the belt is too loose? I can see that the auger engages and spins ok but as soon as it comes into contact with the snow it stops spinning. Is there something i need to do to tighten the belt. I'm not the most mechanically inclined guy but I'm guessing there must be something I can tighten on the pulley? Also, it does take several seconds for the belt to seem to catch and spin the auger when I engage it. Any help greatly appreciated.
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Sounds like the belt is too loose. Make sure it is routed correctly, and the tensioner is on the correct side of the belt. I don't know about snowblowers, so I can't help with specifics.
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Sounds like your idler pulley is not running on the backside of the belt. You did not mention how the original belt met it's demise but if it broke, I assume you took it with you when you bought the replacement and you bought the proper belt.

Take the belt cover off and have a look in line with the belt for an idler pulley in line with the drive and driven pullies and work the belt to the other side of the idler pulley which is mounted on a spring loaded arm and tightens the belt when you squeeze the handle. When you release the handle, the spring loaded arm pulls the idler arm back and releases the drive belt.

If the idler pulley is properly placed to run on the back side of the belt and it is slipping, you can also take up some of the slack in the cable to increase the pressure on the belt when in drive mode.
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My 10-15 year old Ariens snowblower did the same thing. I thought I was going to have to change the belt, but it turns out I didn't have to.

The idler pulley on mine is mounted on an arm which is spring loaded and connected to the drive lever. When the lever is pulled (pushed actually) it moves the idler pully into the belt and takes up the slack in the auger drive belt.

There was an adjustment on the idler pulley. I loosened it, and the hole it was mounted to on the arm was actually a slot - which allowed me to move it toward the belt a 1/4 inch or so. It was enough to take up the slack in the belt and the thing works like a champ now. I'll probably still have to change the belt soon, but it got me through today's snow.
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