Sears/Craftsmen ~8HP Snowblower


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Sears/Craftsmen ~8HP Snowblower

It's around 4 years old and during my last use the powered wheels stopped working.. I didn't break a shear pin in the auger that I can tell.

Can't find manual yet and I was wondering if there are any shear pins in the drive train or gear box section.

Hoping to find manual tonight but just thought it easier if I new there where some shear pins that I should look for in case I can't locate it.

Otherwisw I guess I need to start dismantling everything to see what might have happened.

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These machines use a rubber tired drive disk running against a round drive plate underneath your machine. You can stand your machine up on it's chute. If the gas tank is relatively full and leaks through the gas cap, you can take the cap off, put some Saran wrap or similar over the filler tube and put the cap back on. That should stop any gas leaking out while the machine is standing up.
You should see the bottom plate now and can remove it. It is usually held on with 4 self threading bolts or maybe more. When the cover is removed, you can see the drive mechanism. Work the speed change lever back and forth to see if the rubber tired drive wheel carriage slides back and forth of the hex drive shaft. If not, clean and lube the shaft. It may be rusty and prevent the carriage form sliding on the shaft. Also squeeze the drive lever on the handle to see that the rubber tire disc presses against the round drive plate when the handle is squeezed. It sometimes happens that the rubber tire wears beyond usefulness and/or the drive plate gets contaminated and needs cleaning.

All in all, the drive mechanism is very simple and usually reliable but can give out at the worst possible time.

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