Help finding Atlas Snow thrower clutch


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Unhappy Help finding Atlas Snow thrower clutch

Looking for clutch assembly (part # 128-52) for an Atlas model #15-5241 snow thrower. Mine is slipping....just old.

Called MTD but no luck; only had about 3 part for this model.

Any suggestions would be extremely appreciated. Hate to have to retire this one.

Thanks much,

Worthington, OH
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Any chance you could post a picture of what you're looking for? Many small engine machines are made by a limited number of manufacturers and one of the guys here may be able to identify the same part(s) on a similar machine. Personally, I've never heard of Atlas but it may have been only a regional model and/or it may be quite an old machine, no longer in production. If MTD parts are compatible, the parts you need might be available under a different make/model.
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More info and pics for Atlas snow thrower clutch need

Thanks for your response. Here's what I've found out thus far: Atlas is no longer in business. At some point, I'm guessing as early as the 80s it was sold to another company, possible Snow Chief as I found someone on eBay selling parts manuals that had both the Atlas and Snow Chief logo on it. That company sold out to MTD.

Apparently the forum administator does not allow posting of pictures to this thread. So, I put them out on my kodakgallery page at the following link:
(3 prior lines should all be together, no spaces, in one string when copy in to internet address line)

The first pic is a somewhat close-up of the clutch. It is the part that the chain is wrapped around.
2nd photo is of the parts diagram. Clutch assembly is part #33, which is comprised up of a bunch of individual parts.
3rd photo is the parts list.
4th is just a pic of the thrower from a little bit back.

I can also email if easier or if doesn't work. I can be reached at [email protected]

I really appreciate your help. May not be the greatest looking machine after all these years, but performs well when clutch doesn't slip.


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I checked out your photo's and must admit I have never seen such a clutch nor would I know where parts might be available other than MTD.

This must be a very early model as these machines are a lot simpler the last few years.

I agree these old single stage machines are the best of the best. I use an old 7 hp single stage myself because it really throws the snow, wet, dry or otherwise. I don't think there's a 2 stage on the market that can match it.

I'm sorry I can not be of further help. A last gasp suggestion would be to keep an eye on eBay but it might cost an arm and a leg.
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Well, the pictures help somewhat but I'm not sure you'll find what you need. It may help me if I could read the part descriptions of parts numbered 15 through 32. What, it appears, you have is a low speed clutch that until released by the operator puts a brake on the clutch sprocket. The problem I see you will have in replacing this is the fact that it is a low speed, compression-type clutch since it attaches to the 6:1 gear reduction box on the Briggs 5-horse engine. And, you certainly can't use a centrifugal clutch (which would be easy to find) since the RPM at the reduction shaft will be 600 rpm's at most (and 200 at idle) and no centrifugal clutch will engage at such low rpm's, and, I doubt you'll ever find this compression-type clutch anywhere, I'd recommend finding a sprocket at an industrial supply store which has the ID you need (likely 3/4") along with the same roller chain size you need (appears to be #40) and along with the same tooth count (appears to be 20 to 22) that you have on the clutch and has a keyway similar to the keyway in the reduction shaft (likely 3/16") and having two setscrews in such sprocket. You would then mount the new sprocket directly to the reduction shaft with no clutching involved. You would however, on the downside, have a direct drive auger. In other words, when you pulled the engine over to start the engine, the auger will turn over. This will, however, put a strain on the rewind starter and you need to bear this in mind along with the fact of the danger of the auger turning upon startup of the engine. I wish I could offer you more but this appears to be your only option.
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Additional info requested for Atlas snow thrower clutch

Really appreciate your response. If all else fails, your suggestion sounds like the best route, even with constant engagement of the least it will still be usable! For FYI, as requested, here is description of parts 15-32:
15. Part #26-132 Spacer - short
16. 110-9 Master link
17. 110-47 Chain - roller
18. 21-217 Washer
19. 13-16 Sleeve - clutch
20. 76-120 Spring - clutch
21. 26-130 Collar - clutch
22. 166-1 Drum - clutch
23. 39-57 Disc - clutch
24. 135-52 Sprocket - clutch
25. 21-206 Washer - clutch
26. 21-205 Washer - bellville
27. 19-210 Nut
28. 26-131 Spacer
29. 98-80 Ring - retainer
30. 16-36 Key 3/16 x 2-1/2
31. 21-19 Washer - lock 5/16
32. 18-113 Bolt 5/16-24 x 2

Thanks again.
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I did a search on e-bay for racing go cart, and then clutch.. Try this link..
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Thanks much for helping!
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Scramer, based on the part descriptions, this is definitely a compression type clutch. The clutches that Axl linked to are centrifugal and won't work. If you can't find a compression clutch then you'll likely have to go with the direct drive option and use caution when operating this machine with such setup.
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Thanks again for help on my Atlas snow thrower

Good info. I'm a novice willing to learn and really appreciate all the input you've provided.

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