Valve replacement for Briggs & Stratton


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Question Valve replacement for Briggs & Stratton

Hi I am in the process of rebuilding an older Briggs & Stratton lawn tractor engine. Everything was going smoothly until I started working on replacing the valves it appears the new replacement valves are longer (about 3mm) than the original valves both intake and exhaust. Hence the valves won't seat. Is this an error? Was I given the wrong parts? I spoke to a friend who said this is normal and the valve stems will need to be ground down to match the originals. I have never heard of this but .... I am looking for another opinion. Thanks for any insight.
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Your friend is right.

You will need to get specs from the manual or your dealer may provide the specs if you ask nice.
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Your friend is right.The valves do come longer than you need and have to be ground down.

rotate the crankshaft until the piston is at TDC (top dead center) and both valve tappets are down all the way.Then grind each valve stem a little at a time till you can get a filler guage blade between the steam and tappet with just a little drag.For Briggs & Stratton the valve clearance should be .005 to .007 on the intake and .009 to .011 on the exhoust.Be sure you get them level and smooth.Then lap them in with valve laping compound till you can see a dark gray ring all the way around the valve face.(on real old models the longest and strongest valve spring goes on the exhoust)


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