Are there any reliable electric pressure washers?


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Are there any reliable electric pressure washers?

Entire web sites are setup so people who
bought electric pressure washers can tell
you how awful they are.

Here's one:

I purchased two in the last three years. I
think I got a couple of dozen uses out of each
one before they failed. If you own at least
two cars and you used an electric pressure
washer several times the darn thing has already
paid for itself. Bringing two cars through a
car wash once a month is very costly. That's
why I bought a second one after the first one
died. I think that's why most folks keep buying

I was going to buy the Husky 1800 model until
I came across the web site shown above. Is
this unit really junk? If it is junk, why does Home
Depot offer a three year warranty?

There are couple of models in the three to five
hundred dollar range. They have ceramic components
that are supposed to be very durable.

At this point, I don't want to buy an electric model
I can't return to a local store. If you've owned or
used several of these pressure washers, maybe you
found one that didn't breakdown after a few uses.

Thanks guys.
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I've used my FIL's electric pressure washer. It was yellow - I don't remember the brand. He keeps it at his Florida place to clean the mildew off his siding. It did work, barely. I think its main selling point is that it was cheap.

And I think that's the problem with most of the consumer electric ones. They're built to a price point of around $100 to $150 - and you can't get something very good for that money.

I know some companies make good, industrial grade electric pressure washers, but they're not cheap. Northern equipment has some in their catalogue.

Personally, I'd look at a 5hp gas model as my minimum.
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I have a Husky 1700 and use it all the time for the cars, deck, driveway, etc.. Even did the roof of the house, and the siding with it.. You can't do that with a gas model, unless you have a real long hose.. I've had it for 5-6 years..
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I actually took the time to read most of the
negative posts about the Husky washers. A
lot of these people were really upset! You
can tell how angry people are if they take the
time to give a detailed description about what
went wrong.

On the other hand, I spoke to a couple of people
in my local Home Depot who bought Husky washers.
They didn't have any complaints. Since Home Depot
and Lowes now control 95% of the hardware business
they must sell millions of these cheap washers. If
one percent of the buyers of the Husky washer
complain, that's a lot of negative feedback!

I appreciate your replies, AxlMyk and indy-diy.
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just my 2 cents

It is probably hard to get a good strong electric pump that will run on 110.

I always use a gas powered PW, they told me back when I was in school that water and electricity don't mix
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The electric models have a built in GFCI on the cord.. I decided to go with electric because I don't have to fuss with fuel for the thing..
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I don't remember you saying if the problem was with the motor or the pump.
I don't like to down any make, but you may want to try something other than a Karsch pump.
I don't remember what the largest hp elec motor that will run on a 120 circuit using a standard 20a duplex is nor do I know what is available in motor size.
Unless I stand corrected, a three horse elec motor will probably pull the same load of a five gas job. Its not that the gas is not strong enough, but due to the fact that the three elec motor is rated continuos and the gas motor is usually max hp under heavy load for short bursts but a good deal less under continuous load.
On a air compressor of a particular size, look athe the elec motor siize versus the gas motor size on the same size compressor. Would like to know how you come out.

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