briggs and stratton electrical query


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Question briggs and stratton electrical query

I've just bought a replacement second hand briggs engine for my ride on lawnmower. Now i've come to fit it i've realised it's only got a DC wire coming from the magneto. My tractor is a dual circuit and my old engine had two wires coming from the magneto. Can i still get away with using this engine? Not an electrical genius so any help would be appreciated. cheers
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I would think your old engine used one wire to charge the battery and the other for the headlights. The battery charge wire would likely have a bulge in it which would be a diode.

I know of no reason you can not connect the single wire of your replacement engine with the charging wire of your machine. You can also check the output voltage of your replacement engine. I believe it should be in the range of 3 amps.
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Since you didn't post the ID numbers of each engine (original and replacement), I'll assume you found a similar horsepower engine to replace the original. With that in mind, you could simply swap the stator and flywheel from the original to the new engine and have your dual circuit system back. If, on the other hand, you bought a dissimilar engine and since I don't know what you need to power up with the electrical circuit then you need to reply back with the need/demands of the tractor, aside from the obvious one of the battery charging circuit. Such as: electric clutch, lighting, etc. For future reference, we always recommend supplying us with engine as well as chassis ID numbers any time you need help and tranny ID numbers should you have tranny issues. This helps us help you.

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