snow thrower problems..


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Smile snow thrower problems..

Hi all:

I've got a MTD snow thrower with a tecumeh 5.5 hp motor (Lh195SP - HSSK55)

I've can start itand it idles very rough; but, it stalls out after about 1 minute, I believe it it's the carb and/or fuel line; but, I need the appropriate service manual to have a good look, I believe the appropriate manual is 740049, does anyone know were I can find one?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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I think the number you posted is the superceded number to 692509 which can be found here
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I thought so; but, the manual doesn't identify the model of engine that I need
to look at. It adresses HSSK50; but, not HSSK55, which is the one I have.

I had gotten this snow thrower last year and one year later, it doesn't work, and of course as with all things up here in Canada, no reciept, no warranty..
to make a long story short, I've been doing some readiing and I want to try to repair it myself; but, I need the manual to disassemble.

Any Further Assistance is greatly appreciated.
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The information will still apply especially for troubleshooting. The newer manual may cover more models that were not available at the time, but most likely changes are small and the theory and operation will still be the same.
Perhaps with further symptoms, we could help diagnose.
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MTD Stalling out

I assume you have the owers manual for the Tecumseh engine, most info. for basic tune up it there. If more tech. info. is needed, go to the Tecumseh website, with model, and serial#. Youll find. It sounds like you need a good old fashion tune up,. After draining, and cleaning your fuel system. Spray upthe carb. inside, and out, all linkages must be cleaned and lubed, correct spark plug, with correct gap setting. Oil change, with correct volume of 5W 30. After tune up is complete, fill with fresh gas, key word is FRESH, it should run fine.................Best of Luck...Paul
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If, in fact, the engine runs for one minute then I'll bet you have a full or nearly full tank of gas AND that you have a fuel cap that has the guts missing and because the tank vents through the cap threads, you would need to replace the fuel cap to solve your trouble. If, on the other hand, your engine runs for only a few seconds before stalling out then you likely have a carburetor that is either varnished up or has ice in the bowl area and in either case the bowl, in the least, needs to be removed and the bowl area and main jet need to be inspected for restriction/blockage. By the way, the service manual that Azis referred to is the one you would need, as long as your engine is not an overhead valve engine. I've never heard of a 5 1/2 horse flat head Tecumseh engine but there are 5 1/2 horse overhead valve engines.
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Red face

Thanks for all your suggestions.

Unfortunately, I more of a PC kinda guy, anyhow, the Gas cap is a plain cap, no venting. I believe it's the carb as well; but, I've never really taken worked on this type of carb before and the thought of paying someone $60 just to bring a blower in thats been used only once irks me. Anyhow, yes, I believe it is the carb, and I want to make sure I know what I'm doing. I've removed the plug and it's really gummed up, I've replaced that; but, still no dice.
I want to adjust the mixture and blow out the carb; thus, the search for the manual.

P.S. See what happens when the wife gets you an Xmas present at a Crap tire....

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