Mower Nonstick


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Mower Nonstick

I saw a spray on nonstick coating for lawnmowers (prevent grass clipping buildup from adhering) in the hardware store today. Are there other cheaper alternatives with regular household sprays etc that anyone is using for the same purpose?
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I suggest to my customers to put on 2-3 coats of Johnson liquid floor wax and it can make a great difference. It only works on new decks however, before they get all rusty and beat up. The smoother the surface, the better it works. I also wax snowblower chutes. Helps a lot, especially with wet snow.
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Non Stick Treatment

What I use on my John Deere, is a Teflon spray on the under side of the deck, and one coat of auto wax, and one coat of paint sealant on the outside.Snowblowers, same, teflon on chute, waxes on everything else. After mowing, garden hose and nozzle, and washunder side of deck.. Cheap enough way to keep your equipment looking good for many years.. Later..

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