Air horn on a lawn mower....


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Talking Air horn on a lawn mower....

In the summer, I drive a riding lawn mower around town and mow peoples lawn. Since dogs love to chase anything that moves, I had this great idea to install an air horn on my tractor.

My question is: will it work on a riding lawn mower? Since it says it's 12 volt, could I simply hook it on to my battery and ground it to the frame?

Or how about a set of these fog lights?
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I guess you can hook up anything 12 volt that you want to, as long as the current draw isn't more than the battery can handle. (which I'm sure the horns and fog lights wouldn't overtax the battery).
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The horn which is intermittent use is OK, but if the fog lights are to be used for longer than a few minutes at a time, then you have to check to be sure they do not draw more than the charging system can put out, typically around 15 amps. That 15 amps powers the ignition, the electric PTO clutch if your tractor has one and the tractor's own lighting sysyem if so equiped and any other electrical stuff you might have operating, what's LEFT OVER is what's available for your fog lights. If you exceed the capacity of your charging system, the excess is drawn from your battery until it can provide no more electricity and your tractor's battery will be dead, and I think it will quit running until you recharge the battery
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Apparently you have an easy going Sheriff in your town if he/she allows you to drive your tractor on the road and will allow freight train horns and headlights. All kidding aside, what engine and specifically what are the ID numbers from the engine? I'd run the horn wiring from the key switch utilizing an inline fuse and for the lights, I'd use the existing wiring to your current lights (if available, that is). While you're at it, give us the tractor make and ID numbers as well, from the chassis.
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The engine is a Briggs and Stratton 18Hp apposed twin cylinder.

Model: 422707
Type : 1525 01
Code : 9311175A

Tractor is a Murray GT Garden Tractor

Model Number: 42170x9a
date: 0614 Could someone tell me what this code means? I'd like to know what year this tractor is.

The fuse on my tractor is 15 amps. The battery is rated 275 amps
Thanks for your help.
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For what you will use it . Id get a boat horn one that is just on a air CAN,
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This isn't all about practicality. Who else has an air horn on their lawn tractor?
It's just a little project I want to do.

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