Poulan 20HP Briggs 42" Rider


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Poulan 20HP Briggs 42" Rider

Briggs Model 31P977 Type 0575-E1 Code 0601xxxxx
Electrolux 960420026 C20H42YT 021006A002071
I have found the fuel solenoid to be weak and intermittent. The part is 42.xx dollars. As a temporary measure I replaced it with a like threaded bolt. It started and ran fine but would not shut off.
Briggs shows no schematic for the engine and I can not locate literature support for Electrolux/AYP.

I need to know if there is a kill circuit other than the loop for the fuel solenoid. Meter shows solid 12v with key on but not sure if a bad connection elsewhere such as in a kill circuit that is not working, could be the cause.

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cheese puey geo ....hehehe Sharp?!? Ne one?
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Hi Azis!

Sorry...I didn't make it on here yesterday. Busy season is kicking in around my place.

The engine should kill via a kill wire that grounds the coil...not just by shutting off the carb solenoid. So, apparently you have another problem. I think the kill wire and the 12v wire to the carb solenoid run together to the same plug...so the problem with both may be in the same spot. Trace the wires back and see what you find...maybe a corroded connector?
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No worries cheese, I know how it gets when the weather breaks

I did give a quick look for ne thing obvious and found nothing. The mower is so clean and well kept I hated tearin into it without more of an idea and reason.
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Azis, here is a link to the online lookup for Electrolux for your particular unit http://www.ordertree.com/ARI.aspx?Mfg=119&Model=C20H42YT/96042002601%20(2006)
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Thx Puey, I did find a Husqy version manual and schematic also as well as this recall that may or may not be related...
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Check and make sure the key switch has a good ground to tractor frame, make sure engine has a good ground to tractor chassis. Sometimes I have found that the paint on the frame is just to damn good and the engine block does not ground good to the frame.

Just a thought of something to check for as this engine should kill via a ground to the coil, and a bad ground could also keep the fuel solenoid from working good.

Good Luck!
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The recall for the fuel line pulling off the outlet of the tank is IMO self induced probably from money saving ventures, as well as the grounding problem. The fuel line is so short that it almost kinks at the carb and is pulling on the grommet/tank outlet enough that the grommet is not flush with the bottom of the tank.
The wiring harness suffers the same fate. The harness/plug to the key switch was barley half connected and harness is not long enough to pull the switch out the hole to unplug/plug in. I did get it to plug in far enough to let the kill circuit operate, but still not seated completely. I will need to remove the fuel tank to access it better and see if there is enough wire to reach another 1/8".

It looks to me that a few more inches of fuel line would solve the recall issue, however if someone has privy to the official "Fix" I would appreciate it.
Here is the link again http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prhtml06/06207.html

The fuel solenoid still shows the same symptoms at this point but will save replacement until the other issues are corrected.

Thx for the replies.
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If I'm not mistaken, the outlet nipple from the tank is not a barbed style and the fix for them is to remove the fuel line and use a course grit sand paper and rough up the nipple and then reinstall the fuel line.

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