Honda HR 214 no spark


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Honda HR 214 no spark

This is a 1987 model mower which has always started and run well.Following a spring changing of the fluids,including gas,it has no spark.I hastily diagnosed a faulty ignition coil and spark plug boot.New parts arrived in two pieces so I pushed and twisted the boot onto the lead from the coil.Still no spark.What have I missed.
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We don't work on too many Honda's here, at my shop, but I do know that Honda's have a two part ignition system. The coil being one part and another part that is called the ignitor module and it is this module that, I have found, to be the most common source of a "no spark" issue with Honda's. It is about 1/2" square, gold in color and typically mounts to the speed/governor control bracket. I know of no test for this module but, perhaps, Cheese (the other moderator here) will know of a test. Stay tuned for Cheese to respond. Hopefully, in the mean time, you have isolated the ignition system from the safety and kill system to eliminate the safety or kill system as a possible source!
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Just a thought

Does your unit have a low oil shut down? If so, disconnect it and see if you have spark, if so then the low oil sensor may need to be cleaned and or replaced.
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I know of no test for ignitors. I don't believe this engine used one though. I believe it has a micro-switch mounted to the speed control bracket for a throttle-activated kill switch (probably what Puey61 is remembering seeing). I suggest removing the kill wire from the coil and check for spark again. Are you certain the plug is good, and touching metal on the engine while checking spark?
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I have seen these switches break the mounting ears and or epoxy they are filled with and fail to work. Honda identifies the part as "Switch Assy. Engine Stop" You will need your engine VIN# to obtain the correct part if indeed found to be the culprit.
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Honda, no spark

For spark.??............If you are certain there is NO spark, it sounds like a start, stop switch, or interlock. Be sure new coil lead to plug is making good contact, being tight. There is a possiblitly that you may have a faulty plug. Be sure your air gap is set at proper specs.

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