Intek engine governor again


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Intek engine governor again

Good evening,
I have a briggs & straton Intek snow engine that broke it's governor spring. I have been trying to get this thing running right since putting on the new spring for a week now. Briggs & Stratton even sent me a free service manual. Anyway today I went to this shop that fixes small gas engines. He told me that everything I have been doing is right except there are all sorts of ways that you can tighten the governor arm to the governor shaft & if it's not on in the right posistion there will be to much tention on the springs which will cause it to race which it's been doing. Anyway after saying all this I've the carb. in the w.o.t hold the governor shaft in the posistion the manual says then tighten the arm down with the new spring in hole#4 which is where it was. My qustion is how do I figure out in what posistion the arm should be in when I tighten it down? There are two springs the long one and a short one onthe other side should they both be relaxed or should the arm be to the right or left. I even put a two foot gas hose on her so I could see what's going on while shes running but the only time the rpm's sound right is when I have her in half throttle? Here are the # off her 000808FD under that 12D413 0019 E1. Thank you!
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Check the butterfly valve in the carb. Make sure the throttle movement at the carb is free. It may be stuck open which will cause the engine to race.
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Take a look on the back cover of the book that Briggs sent you and tell me what the part number is and what is the date of publication? If this is 272147, then this has a good picture illustrating the governor layout and you can use it for reference to be sure you have yours installed properly. If, on the other hand, they sent you an owners manual and not a service manual, the owners manual will not be detailed enough. Let me know what you have.
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that's the # they sent me

The # on the back of the book is 272147-4/02 Single Cylinder OHV repair Manual. It does have a good picture and as far as I know I have read it and re-read it and done what they have said!. What I'm thinking is since I'm putting on the one new spring shoul I put on a new short spring?. I think what I'm trying to say is could the short spring be weak and not doing it's job since the new long spring is stronger?
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B & S Govern Adjustment

Hey Grumpystoy, Its not a bad idea to start fresh, new springs on both. Basic intial govern adjustment..... Loosen the nut and bolt where it attaches to the governot shaft... Pull the arm back, away from the carberator.. Hold it there. Now, grip the governot shaft, and turn it counterclockwise, to its limit, now tighten the bolt, and nut.. Now you should be able to re-start the engine...............Sensitivity, could be an issue..... If the engine wants to hunt.. To increase the sensitivity, move the springto the next higher hole in the arm, to decrease, lower by one hole on arm.. Factory specs.. are middle hole.. Good Luck Paul..

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