B&S Inteck Timing Problem??


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Question B&S Inteck Timing Problem??

B&S Model 445777 Type 0154-E1 25 HP Twin on Craftsman 2000 riding mower.

Had a leak in the gasket on the crankcase. Split the case and reassembled with new gasket and no I did not use gasket cement. Was running great before taking apart to fix the oil leak that was wetting the drive pulley/belt making the tranny slip. Replaced the belt and worked OK then saw the oil leak under the left cylinder at the split line.

I called the shop I bought the parts from and asked how to retime it because I had turned the top end over to check something and the timing gear slipped off the shaft far enough to lose its registration with the camshaft gear. I knew I should have marked that with a sharpie pen! He told me to line up the two dimples on the gears which I had already done. I asked him if one of the cylinders had to be at TDC and he said no, just line up the gear dimples.

I did confirm this alignment and put the crankcase back on. I wasn't sure what position the governor control lever that connects to the linkage that goes through the side of the crankcase to the governor. Seemed to go on only one way with the square end clamped by the governor control lever. Seems to be touching the governor at this position with some slack. Looked the same as when it came off.

Got it back into mower and turned over nicely but would only violently back fire out the carb. Tried a couple of times and decided to stop for the day before I did some serious damage to engine.

What went wrong? Has to be a timing problem I think. Did I get the wrong advice from my repair shop? What do I do now except split the case again and see if there is any thing obvious.

IN North Texas and the grass is beginning to grow and the weeks had fertilizer cause they are really growing. Home Owners Assocition will be writing me nasty letters by this weekend. ONe acre lot so lots of weeds.

Thanks in advance Jay
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You could check to see if you got lucky (for this situation) and sheared the flywheel key, otherwise...
I don't believe the cam timing can be off if the timing marks are lined up. With either piston @TDC the flywheel magnets should be at or very near the coil. If the flywheel nut was not torqued or if the shaft was lubed, the key very well may have sheared.
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I'm in agreement with Az that you likely now have a sheared flywheel key, most likely due to insufficient flywheel nut torque, which should be 150 foot pounds. I think, too, that you should be sure the static governor adjustment is correct. Loosen the governor lever nut, rotate the governor arm as far leftward as it will go, then rotate the governor shaft as far clockwise as it will go and then, while holding these positions, tighten the governor lever nut back down.
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Puey at what throttle position, and is this the same as the final adjustment?
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This is done at wide open throttle, and it is the final adjustment.
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Thx cheese
I tried to catch Puey while he was still on heh. I always confuse lefty righty on this adjustment so I always look it up to be certain.

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