intek governor seting


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intek governor seting

I have just replaced the small spring put the carb linkage in wide open throttle posistion. Checked to make sure throttle plate was open put the long spring in hole #4 where it was originally. Held the lever so the linkage would stay in w.o.t turned the governer shaft all the way counter clockwise tightened the nut nothing is binding. My question is when I move the controll lever the one that you move to slow the idle down or speed it up it does nothing. It moves but the long spring just slides through the tang the governer lever stays on wide open throttle? I havn't started it yet but is this supose to move the lever that is atached to the governor shaft or not? What am I missing I would think it should move the lever to slow down the rpms or speed them up. Is this the way it should work?
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You may try this.Place linkage in wide open throttle. Make sure the plate is open and hold it there. Loosen the lever locking nut and turn the governor shaft the same direction as the linkage moved until it stops and lock it down.
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It will stay wide open until you start it. Then, depending on how much pressure is on the lever from the spring, the governor will adjust the rpm accordingly.
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So then what you are saying is the lever that I move when I'm operating the snow thrower does not move the governer lever it's the springs?. Boy if that's the case I'm happy now if it were not 11:45pm I would go out there and try it as were getting 6 inches of snow tonight! I might do it anyway I'll just hide when the police get called>Thank you both! Will,
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Correct, the throttle lever increases or decreases spring tension and thereby increases or decreases engine RPM's. For your information, I recommend sticking with the same thread throughout an entire service issue. I know you have at least one other thread related to this machine and it helps us if we can see all you've done without having to jump from thread to thread.

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