Snapper Rear Rider Drive Boot


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Snapper Rear Rider Drive Boot

The right drive boot on my snapper rear rider is torn. I have researched the snapper manual for assistance. After I remove the wheel hub (with a puller) does the fender and drive mechanism just slide off the axle allowing the boot to be replaced? Or are there any surprises that I will encounter attempting to replace the boot. Thank You
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You've got the right idea. Remove the hub (can be easy, or some can be a real PAIN...have had to cut some off while others slide off by hand). Then, remove the bolts holding the fender plate on, remove the shift linkage from the chain drive and the brake cable, then remove the boot clamps and slide the drive off. There will be some washers at the end of the hex tube..note their position and order of removal to be sure you get them on correctly during reassembly. Replace the boots and put back together.

I reccomend replacing both boots, because when one goes, the other is almost always right behind...and they're cheap. Get a bottle of "00" grease from a snapper dealer to fill the units. Note that the L and R boots are different (unless you have the soft rubber ones), so don't get them mixed up. It also doesn't hurt to replace the axle seals and driven disc if needed at this time.

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