john deere stx38 brakes


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john deere stx38 brakes

I am trying to replace my brakes on a John Deere STX 38 and need a diagram of this model. Can anyone help?
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STX38 Brakes

It may not be the schematic you are looking for, but you can access the illustrated parts catalog on the John Deere home page. From their home page there is a link called "Parts" then click on "Residential" then "View Catalog". After that page comes up select "Catalog Number Search". The catalog number is 2232. There are several ways to view the brakes. You can select alphabetically and select 'B' that will take you to 'brakes'.

The brakes are not in the wheels like a car, but mounted on the transaxel. You get to them by taking off the r/h rear wheel. After the wheel is off, remove the center nut, there may be a stop mounted over the arm in which case you will need to remove the forward bolt to take off the brake arm. Underneath the brake arm is a small spring. Don't lose it. Take off the rear bolt and remove the brake assembly. In the brake assembly there is two metal pistons and a metal plate under the pad. Take off the rotor and another pad is under the rotor. Put everything back together in reverse. When tightening the center nut don't tighten it to bottom out the nut. The center nut is how you adjust the brakes. Start with tightening it about half way and go from there.
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STX38 Brake Spring

I realize this thread is quite old, but hopefully someone knows the answer anyway.

I removed the rear wheel to adjust the brakes on my STX38 and found that the little spring that was supposed to be attached somewhere around where the brake rod and arm join was broken off and hanging loose.

I adjusted the break and tested it. It seems to be working fine but I'm wondering what the function of that little spring is and exactly what it is supposed to connect to?

The schematic on the John Deere parts website shows the spring, but not where it attaches.

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