Got a small problem


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Got a small problem

I've got a Briggs & Stratton...m-123J02, t-0187. I was going to take the head off to work on the valves, and the bottom right head bolt (next to the exhaust valve) was frozen up. I was just able to turn it perhaps 1/8 turn. So I took a 3/8 drive impact and was going to just bump it and surprize surprize it broke off flush with the top of the cylinder. I don't believe any ease-out would back it out because its just too tight. The threads are recessed in the clyinder approximately 3/16 inch. Could someone offer a suggestion to get this broke off bolt out?
By the way are the valve settings 0.006-intake and 0.008-exhaust?
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I don't know if the engine is going to be worth the time and trouble, but I think I'd start with a very hard, sharp, 1/8" drill bit and drill a hole directly in the center of the broken bolt...which can be hard to do accurately. Then graduate to larger sizes until there is nothing left of the bolt but the threads, then pick out the threads. If the drill walks too far and gets into the aluminum block, it's gonna be a real pain. You might be able to clean it up well enough to install a helicoil.
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Thanks Cheese...sounds like I need to take it off the base and set it up accurately in a drill press and take it slow and easy!!
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An alternative to drilling and retapping might be to use PB Blaster or Kroil to loosen the stuck bolt. Both do a pretty good job of penetrating rust/gunk on bolt threads.

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