Replaced fuel line, how do I prime?


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Replaced fuel line, how do I prime?

I have a Craftsman Brush Wacker 32cc. I just replaced the fuel line and filter. The fuel line pushes through a hole in the gas tank and then there is a fuel filter that goes on the end of that. Does this filter just lay inside the gas tank? This new fuel line seems to make an arch in the tank, doesn't want to lay flat. The fuel filter is on the bottom, but I still have an arch in the fuel line in the tank. Will the gas flow over this arch to my carb, I can't seem to get this new line primed. Any ideas on how to prime this line?
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As long as the fuel pickup is in the fuel it should draw fuel to the carb. When you turn the trimmer to edge, the fuel pickup has to lay in the tank in such a way as to remain in the fuel.

There should be a little primer bulb on the carb. After several pushes, you should see fuel swirling inside the transparent primer bulb. You can also put a tea spoon or so of fuel directly into the cylinder through the spark plug hole and try to start it. It may self prime after it fires several times.

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