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Question Lawnmower Problem

I was mowing and a stray branch went into the small space between the airfilter housing and the throttle control cable...the engine reved up, until I removed the branch, and then died. Upon further inspection, I found that the branch had popped a spring off, but I cannot tell where the spring goes. I did get the engine to start again briefly by moving an arm connected by a rod to the carburator (this arm is bolted to the side of the engine toward the front), to a position back toward the carburator (This is the choke?) ...but it ran for only a couple seconds and died.

I took the pull rope housing off and the engine cover to get a better look, as well as the air filter housing, and found that there is another rod connected to the top of the carb and running back toward the choke(?) arm, but this one has the end curled back on itself...I don't know where this rod is supposed to connect to.

Anyone know where I can find an online manual for this mower? Or know enough to tell me where things go so I can finish my yard?: MURRAY 3.5, 21", MODEL 8-21853X71
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The layout you need would be for the engine itself, not the mower. The engine is likelt a Tecumseh. The model and serial number of the engine is likely stamped into the flywheel cover, above the spark plug. If you have a secondary plastic cover over that, you will have to remove it to get to the metal cover.

Once you have the model and serial number of the engine, you can go to the Tecumseh web site and likely get the information you need about hooking things back up. If any of the throttle, choke springs are stretched, they will likely have to be replaced for the engine to run properly again. I would not fiddle with any of the adjustment screws, etc. until I was sure the springs themselves are OK.

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