chain saw break


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chain saw break

I just received a mcculloch promac 610 chainsaw. it runs well but the breaking sytem doesnt work. i got it dissasembled with all the peices. i cant for the life of me figure out how this goes back seems like the breaking band maybe isnt the right size (smaller). can someone please walk me through the assembelly of this.its the way the spring goes in and is attached that im having problems.i hate to take this in and have someone do it in 3 minutes and get charged for it. thanks for any replies. mod#600041c ser# 11-080427
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I don't know anybody that could put it together in 3 minutes or even 3 hours.
I occassionally get the odd one in with the band worn through and no longer braking. As far as I know, it is impossible to buy just the band; it is not a replacement part so nobody ever has to take the assembly apart and put it back together again; dealers around here can only get complete assemblies - for big bucks.
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I too have the same problem with 610 chainsaw. I would be thankful, if anybody suggest me to over come from this problem,,,,

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