JD SX75 not starting


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JD SX75 not starting

I have a SX75 that doesn't appear to be getting gas. The spark plug is good. The fuel line has gas going through. When I pour a little gas in the carb it will start for 2 seconds. Otherwise it just turns and turns. Could it be the needle valve is stuck so it's not getting gas?
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You're certainly on the right track. Could be the inlet needle in the carb bowl is stuck closed especially if the engine sat for a few months with gas in the carb rather than drained out at the end of last season as it should have been.

Occasionally, tapping the side of the carb bowl will loosen the needle enough so fuel can flow into the bowl, if you're lucky. Otherwise, you will probably have to take the carb bowl off and lightly pull the float down until the inlet needle is free. Observe very carefully how the bowl is oriented on the carb as it will have to go back on exactly the same.
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Loosen the bolt that holds the bowl on. If fuel leaks out the needle valve and float are not the problem. Check the main jet that threads into the nozzle the bowl bolt threads into.

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