B&S engine cutting out on craftsman 25hp


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Unhappy B&S engine cutting out on craftsman 25hp

I've been following your posts on previous threads that sound similar to the prob. I'm experiencing...eg. wont turn-over (or even make a clicking sound) when i try to start it...unless I rock from side to side or back and forth in the seat enough to move the tractor noticably before the starter "catches" then it's ok..except if I move the key to the "lights on" position, where it now starts coughing and sputtering until i move the key back to the run position (no lights).
p.s. I have a hydrostatic drive with electric clutch ...
Now...I just managed to finish riding around (pushing a couple of inches of snow...yes it snowed up here last night) for about 1/2 hour, but when I turned the motor off...I heard a loud buzzing noise that i thought was a cold flurecent light ballast in my shop, but then realized it was coming from the engine compartment of my craftsman tractor...so I took the neg. wire off the battery and the noise stopped...thank god!
Thinking back when i was doing the snow this morning, i remember noticing the ampmeter pointing over towards 20! instead of normally pointing straight up...does this suggest something????
I am going to check the wire harness from the electric clutch/flywheel. I have disconnected the headlights, but still had the same problem (sputtering engine with key in lights on position)
I think its a short in the wiring somewhere...I have a look at it, but in the meantime if any of this rings a bell and you think I should be looking somewhere else...please let me know!
oh ya I did have a Sears tech over to look at it and he just scratched his ead when it (of course) ran perfectly when he was here, so he just put a new fuel filter in, billed me $142 and left...
Thanks in advance for any suggestions..much appreciated!
Azis...I messaged you earlier... so you can ignore that one THANKS PEOPLE!
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Post your model # please.
If you have a fuel solenoid, this may be the buzzing. It could be caused by a weak ground and if buzzing could be restricting fuel flow. If only in one position of the key causes the problem, Don't do that! Just kidding! I felt funny,
Actually that will help in diagnosing
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It could also be your starter relay. You might find it underneath the seat and not too far from the battery. If the relay is intermittent or bad, it can create all kinds of havoc including not supplying enough juice to your starter, hence the clicking noise when you try to start it. It can also weld closed so your starter is continually "on". This will draw a ton of juice and burn your starter out in short order. I see more bad relays than bad starters so I would start there.
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Now, mind you, it is difficult to diagnose what I can't hear but it sure sounds like you have a faulty starter solenoid. A faulty fuel solenoid and/or relay switch will be nearly impossible to hear as they are relatively tiny and would tend to be muffled. By all means, don't rule them out but I'd say it is the starter solenoid at fault.
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I guess I am at a loss, don't understand why the starter solenoid would begin buzzing by turning the key to Off? or cause sputtering and rough running.
You may have to listen intently, but you can hear a fuel solenoid click definately, if this is repeated several times a second it becomes a buzz and while muffled, still a definate buzz.
Most starter solenoids I hear are quite loud and not so much a buzz as a clickclickclickclick even a clunk or two LOL
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The buzzing sounds to me like the solenoid stuck in the on position, and kept the starter running while the engine was running. When the engine was switched off, the starter was still spinning away...just not turning the engine over because the drive gear was already kicked back down when the engine started. Connect the battery again and see what happens. Hopefully it didn't burn up the starter.

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