persistant problem with lawn tractor


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persistant problem with lawn tractor

Hi, I got a huskee lawn tractor that won't work right. The problem is that on the starter motor the clutch drive and gear pinion have broke. These are the things that engage the geared wheel inorder to turn it and start the engine. Well I replaced the 100 dollar starter with a new one and this time I was able to start it about 7 times or so and then these starter parts broke on me again. Same parts. The starter motor is ok but this gear pinion and clutch drive keep on breaking. Any ideas on why this is happening. If you wanna look at a picture of the starter it is located here Thanks
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Hello 951 Michael,

These parts can be replaced without replacing the entire starter.

There are several things that can cause this problem. If the gear is not a genuine Briggs and Stratton part, it can and probably will break in no time. If the flywheel ring gear is danaged, it can break the drive gear. Inspect this gear well. If the engine is kicking back during startup, it can break the drive gear. Was the starter you installed genuine Briggs? If not, make sure you at least install a Genuine Briggs drive gear on it.
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Agreed, and furthermore, I believe I've seen these Rotary starters before and I don't believe that a genuine Briggs gear kit fits up well to the aftermarket starter. 951, I'm affraid that if you have bought the Rotary (aftermarket) starter you will be plagued by trouble and you'd want to consider installing a genuine Briggs starter assembly. Post back with the following information: 1- engine model, type and code numbers. 2- Original starter motor body length (not including both end-caps, just the black colored housing). 3- Flywheel ring gear material (aluminum, plastic or steel). We can provide the Briggs part number which you will need.
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It should be OEM. I took it in to the local shop and they sold me the starter. It better be OEM. As far as the original starter is I cannot remember if it was plastic or how long it is etc. but this new one is plastic and it is also 3 3/4" long. The engine information is model=287707 Type=0224-01 Code=9602142D Briggs and stratton 14.5 hp engine.

The lawn tractor info is Model=136m673g131 Serial=1b196h10016.

I think I bought it in 1997

Flywheel gear looks fine and I cannot recall it doing anything that was a kickback. If it was kicking back how would I notice and how could I fix. Thanks

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