Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner?


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Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner?

Does anyone have an opinion about diesel fuel injector cleaners (the type you mix with the fuel)?

I have a compact excavator with a Isuzu 3LB1 diesel engine. It has about 2'400 hours. Starts easy, runs smooth and strong but it smokes. Since it is still running great I hate to pay for an injector pump overhaul.

If injector cleaner is OK, what is a good mix ratio? One 16oz bottle I saw only said it treats up to 45 gallons. My excavator has a 5 gallon tank. I'm pretty sure a full bottle of cleaner is too much for 5 gallons.
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I am certainly no diesel mechanic, but I do have an opinion on fuel additives and injector cleaner....Snake Oil!
It is certainly not going to get you out of or extend the need for a pump overhaul. I also doubt that if you have injector problems, that cleaner will be of any help either.
Possibly and still maybe, if injector cleaner(or additive) is ran all the time before any problem exists, it might help prevent a problem arising. This being that the cleaner may have time to work on deposits before or as they happen while still mixed with the fuel. Once deposits build up, there is little chance that any additive is going to remove it.

If 16oz=45gl
then 1gl=45/16=2.8oz
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You could try the cleaner. I certianly won't hurt anything. Use 3 or 4 oz to a tank. We use a fuel conditioner in our highway trucks, mostly in the winter when the drivers come from the states & still have americian fuel in the tanks. It seems to help, but that's because the fuel is heavy for eastern Ontario's -35 weather!! What color is the smoke & is your fuel fresh from a high volume station??

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