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Chain Saw

Hi folks! I need some answers. I just bought a Craftmansman 350830 with 40cc displacement that came with 18" bar auto-oiling. First off, I've never owned a CHAIN saw before; so excuse the ignorance.

Second off, I've read the entire CHAIN saw manual. Now, I was gonna get some SAE 30 for the bar & chain, but decided to make the trip back to SEARS and pick-up the Bar and Chain lubricant instead. Figuring it'll be best for my first time out, btw, I've got about 7 trees to cut. Not very big around but sorta tall.

Question #1. Some of these trees are close to both of my neighbors fences. How do I keep either of these trees from falling into my neighbors yards?

Question #2. On the back of the quart of Craftmans CHAIN and Bar lube, it says:

" For Low Temperature Use - Lubricant should be 50 degrees fahrenheit or warmer to mix well.

"Below ) 0 degrees Fahrenheiti Replace 1 ounce of lubricant from full bottle with kerosene or fuel oil.

Shake until well mixed.

Then it goes on to say:

"See Chain Saw Owners Manuel - for detailed Instructions. and Caution: Diluted mixture may be combustible. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

Bottom line. I just wanna cut these trees before they start to green again. What's up with all this mer-rig-ga-ma-roll about the bar oil.

I thought all I had to mix was the 2 cycle engine oil 40:1 with gasoline and call it a day.

Question #3 Where can I get CHAIN and Bar oil ready to pour (no-mixing)?
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Welcome to doityourself, ziptop. I've moved your post into a new thread since the thread you posted in was over three years old. And, furthermore, it's always best to begin a new thread for a new issue! First, your tree felling issue, I'm not nor do I believe that there are professional lumberjacks on this site to give advice. Tree felling is a serious matter and I'd rather stay away from giving any such advice, especially if you've never operated a chainsaw before. I will say that I would not recommend you do this. Limbing and blocking trees already on the ground are one thing, felling is a whole different animal. Don't do it! If you would like to read some advice on felling, try this other site: (you'll need to copy and paste this link in your browser) As for bar & chain oil, you will be able to find either 10W or 30W at chainsaw service shops. 10W is for cold weather operation and 30W if for warm weather operation, no mixing required. Hopefully you have a saw shop (not Sears) in your neck of the woods for parts, service and professional advice as you will need all three when it comes to chainsaws. I don't mean to scare you but dropping a 10-ton tree is no simple matter!!!

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