tecumseh OHV160 hard starting


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tecumseh OHV160 hard starting

I bought this engine last year to repower an old walk behind mower. For the first few weeks it started right up.

Then it would not start cold. With a shot of starting fluid it starts right up.

I confirmed the choke closes all the way.
In fact the plug seems wet and there is spark. I tried a new plug tonight.

Could valve adjustment cause the problem? The recoil does pull a little hard.
ALthough it does start with ether.
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While it could be a valve clearance issue, I doubt it. It sounds like you have idle fuel circuit restriction in the carburetor. It should be rectified with a good cleaning of the carb with a spray cleaner, I don't think you'll need to soak the carb. The wet plug, however, may indicate a weak ignition, if the new plug still wets, that is, or, you are running old, stale fuel and it will not ignite well enough to fire the complete fuel charge. As far as the stiff pull for startup, you may have old, viscous oil in the crankcase or the ambient temperature may be a bit too chilly for the 30 weight oil.

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