Rusted gas tank


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Rusted gas tank

I pick up disguarded mowers during the winter months and repair them in the spring to give away or sell for whatever it cost me to repair them. I usually have enough true junkers to use for parts, however I now have three B&S motors with very rusted tanks(2 with holes) and no junkers for tanks.
My question, what is a good way(inexpensive)to coat the inside of the tanks? I see Red-Kote and Kreem when I scan for tank repair but maybe there is something better or cheaper. Have a good one. Geo
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I've never used a tank coating. The only experience I've had with a coated tank wasn't pleasant. The coating had come loose from the tank and got all gummed up in the carb. It was like pieces of a busted balloon all over inside the tank.
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geo,I have never used any kind of coating....but I have used JB quick.That works well on metal & plastic tanks.The instructions will tell ya not to use on plastic but I've never had any trouble.
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Personally I think this is one instance where part replacement is essential. Fuel leaks can be very tricky to find unless there is an obvious hole. Fuel can seep and weep into and through places most fluids will not. (You can use gas to find cracks in water cooled heads)
Time spent can amount quickly too, since most repairs will not be complete on the first try.
Also I would not want to be responsible for a possible fuel leak on equipment that was going to be used by unknown operators...

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