Craftsman mower deck question


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Craftsman mower deck question

Ok ,I try to do things myself. That said, I removed my mower deck to put a new mower belt on it. After swearing for a while, I got the belt around all the pulleys. Now my problem is in getting all the cotter keys back in. I have got the two on front on, the two that for lack of better words "hook to the actual tractor. I am having a problem with the one in the back that is a narrow metal piece that is supposed to go into a double holed thing ma jig. If it helps, the narrow metal piece hooks on the other end to something in the center top of the mowing deck. I hope this isn't too techinical (lol) and someone can help me wiggle this thing all the way through the hole to get it connected properly. It's a Craftsman 917259340. 15.5HP, 42 inch
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I think I know which linkage you're having trouble with. Try moving the engagement handle to position the linkage to the point where the holes line up properly.
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I also find it easier to attatch the rear pins first. Especially the ones on the spring loaded bracket. Then as cheese mentioned you can move the height selector to line up the other holes. Raise the front of the deck a bit, place a block of wood under it.
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I'm an idiot

I figured I could make it work without the other linkage connected. Started it up and engaged the blades and got nothing. Climbed underneath and played with the engager and realized I was trying to connect the linkage to the wrong thing. Connected it to the right thing (the same piece the other piece of linkage hooks to) and had it working right in 20 seconds. I usually pay to do things like this because sombody who knows what they are doing can fix it 5 minutes versus my 4 hours and I start to wondewr what my time is really worth. But none the less, I have one less inexperienced bone in my body and feel like I have accomplished something.
Thanks for the help guys

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