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Weed Eater

I have a Weed Eater Model FL1500LE Leaf blower.
While trying to start it the pull cord would not rewind. I took it apart to fix it.
In doing so, the spring starter had a mind of its' own and took off. Is there an easy way to put it back together? Any help you can give me would be appreciated.

Thank You
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Replacing pull starter springs can be difficult. For myself, I wind the spring tight enough to slide into the housing and clamp it with a pair of needle nose vice grips. I hook the spring in and release the vise grips to allow the spring to expand in the housing, then I put the pulley in place making sure it engages the spring. Then I wind the pulley manually until it will take up the pull cord and clamp it with a small C clamp. Lastly, I feed the pull cord in through the side of the housing, thread it through the pulley, knot it and bond it with a small butane torch, or a lighter. After releasing the C clamp and allowing the pulley to take up the cord, I trim the cord to suit and install the pull handle.

Sounds convoluted but it works for me and I d'ont know any easier way.
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Red face

They are a bear to put back in,I set at my work bench get a flat file that will wedge in the center of the spring,and start winding it up with my other hand on top of it to keep it from unwinding,start winding until it is tight,then carefully take the file out using a pair of needle nose pliers to hold the spring and carefully put in back in the housing,most of the time it takes me a couple of times to get it back in the housing.good luck.

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Thank You Jerry and don't fix it,
Your ideas are good for the machines that you have but this one , if I use the file or a C clamp they would both be in the way, stopping me from putting it back together. I pulled up the owners manual on this particular leaf blower and guess what, it came up missing a part on the illustration.
Thank you again and I will just keep trying.

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Installing the recoil spring.

Most new springs come "pre-wound" in a retaining band. You can make one with some copper wire 12 - 14 gauge, make a ring slightly smaller then what the spring is when installed in the starter housing. Wind the starter spring into the wire band (be careful so the spring does not jump from the band, it's a good idea to wear safety glasses and gloves) then grasp the spring near the outer hook with a pair of needle nose pliers, and lower it into place. Once the spring is in place, hold the spring down with one hand and carefully remove the band with your pliers, slowly release the pressure on the spring and it will unwind into place.

This is how I do it..... Good Luck.....

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