Toro B&S with no spark


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Toro B&S with no spark

Hello all,

I have a Toro Personal Pace mower that I pulled out of my garage yesterday to mow my lawn for the first time this season and it wouldn't start. I've had it for about 5 years and it has ALWAYS started on the first or second pull even after sitting all winter.

Anyway I took the plug out and and checked for spark (none) and since I've never replaced it and I replaced it and still no spark. I took the cover off the engine and disconnect the wire from the kill switch and again no spark. I took the coil off, cleaned it and put it back on and again no spark.

My question is this. Do I just go ahead and replace the coil or can it be the module (if there is one) under the flywheel? Do coils just go bad sitting in the winter. It ran fine when I put it away.

Any help would be great.....
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Your coil should contain all the ignition components and not have a seperate module or anything under the flywheel.
If you disconnect the kill wire right at the coil, and still have no spark, then it is safe to assume the coil is bad and needs replaced.
I don't think its normal for a coil to fail while in storage. I suppose if it were near failing anyway, a winter of changing temps may have hastened it...
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There isn't much to the coil at all (no wires, etc.) and it's pretty small so I wasn't sure if there was a module or something under the flywheel that may need replacing.

It sounds like once the coil is replaced there really is no other part that can stop the mower from getting a spark so I'll replace the coil and see what happens.

Now, to see if I can find one in stock somewhere.
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Did you find and install a new ignition coil, beerbrewer, and how was the outcome?
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I'm not sure what happend but when I got home I put the recoil back on it and again tried to disconnect the kill switch and it fired up. I don't know why it fired up now. I'm thinking now that I tried to disconnect the kill switch and get a spark when it was apart so I probably didn't get enough RPM's to do so.

So now I need to get a new switch. The switch has only one small moving piece and as simple as it looks I can't see how it could malfunction. Anyway, now I have to get the part number for that part and order a new one. For now I'm just using a screwdriver to kill it.

Thanks for all the help on this forum.
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Well at least you have determined the coil good.
Why do you think the seat switch faulty?
You would have to post the model #'s from the mower for proper part #'s.
If you have a parking brake, you should be able to set/lock it and start the engine without the seat switch being made. If, with the kill wire connected, the mower starts with the brake set/locked, and will not or dies when the brake is released, then the seat switch should be at fault.
If it will not start this way then you likely have another problem.
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You may have just had a bad ground to the coil, and repaired it when messing around with it, the kill switch just grounds to the engine brake lever.

Azis A personal pace is a walk behind mower not a rider.
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LOL! ok Tech thats what I thought, and I read and re read that post and it said, seat switch!
Now I haven't seen a personal pace mower yet, but I had painted a picture of a push mower no doubt heh...

Guess I just owe another thanks to the site admin...

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