John Deere S1400 Locked Up


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Unhappy John Deere S1400 Locked Up

I tried starting the trimmer after a long period of non-use. It started with full choke. When I releasd the choke it stalled a few times. While repeating this process a few times,and after a final stall, the starting rope woud not pull out. It would give, maybe an inch and then lock up. I thought the engine had siezed. I tried to dissasemble, however ran into the problem of not being able to fully dismantle due to my ignorance of the torx screw holding the cluth drum on, however, I did remove the spark plug and crank case cover and it appears that the engine is not seized as the crank and the piston and rod do move a little before it all locks up. In looking through the holes in the shrouding It looks as though there is some sort of latch that is preventing the pull start drum from moving more than a few degrees in rotation. This latch appears to have a pivot point in the center of it as I can pivot the latch with a long thin screw driver. Does anyone have any idea what this could be? Has anyone ever experienced a total lock up like this without having the engine seize?
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It certainly sounds as though you have a rewind starter issue or possibly a flywheel jammed up. In either case, you'll want to remove the clutch to give yourself access to both. Since the engine doesn't turn over you can skip the step of stuffing rope into the spark plug hole and simply use a T-20 torx driver and remove the screw in the center of the clutch drum using a standard CCW direction to remove the screw. You'll then need a decent size water-pump pliers to grab ahold of the clutch plates (2), being carful not to distort them, and spin them off CCW as well. You can then remove the four screws holding the starter housing to the engine and have a look.

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